Ultrasonographic diagnosis 3D/4D
  • The most modern 3D scanner In the Word
  • Image quality: High Definition
  • Specialized professional qualifications
  • Possibility of digital archiving (CD/DVD)
  • Possibility of ultrasonographic diagnosis as In the Best medical center in the Word
As a result of ultrasonographic advances, illustrating of fetus in three-dimensional technique has become reality. Three-dimensional diagnosis gives more possibilities in diagnosis of craniofacial malformations and this is method which complements two-dimensional test in detection of other structural anomalies of fetus.

Possibility of seeing fetus’s face, limbs and moves in three-dimensional ultrasonography became a fact and for many of future parents it is an unforgettable experience.

A period most convenient to do ultrasonographic examination is 16-34 week of pregnancy. In 10%-15% of cases the examination is impossible because of adverse position of fetus, lack of amniotic fluid, severe obesity of pregnant woman.